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Via Salita la Croce, Opi (AQ), Vedi la Mappa
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The hotel “La Pieja” is located in the historic center of OPI.


Built restoring the building once used as a primary school, it is currently run by the Cooperative So.R.T. (Society for Tourist Accommodation), which boasts a thirty-year tradition in the promotion and development of tourism in OPI.

The cooperative, which is also active in the management of facilities for welcoming visitors in Val Fondillo, aims to improve tourism offer and to create job opportunities for local people.

For this purpose ask also the voluntary contribution of members and supporters.

The village of Opi is strategically positioned within the “National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise”, both for hiking and opportunities offered during different seasons. In fact, with a displacements no longer than 10 km it is possible to reach:opineve

– The amphitheater “La Camosciara”

– The lake of Barrea

– The villages of Pescasseroli, Villetta Barrea and Civitella A. Scanno and Barrea, slightly more distant, still deserve a visit.,

– The downhill skiing area in ​​Pescasseroli ( with 5 lifts and 15 pistes totaling 20 km.

– The cross country skiing area in  Macchiarvana, ( ) where you can found, in winter, skiing rings long up to 30 km and hiking with snowshoes and in summer, relaxing walks through woods beech trees, and reach the Sanctuary of Monte Tranquillo

“Fondillo Valley”

Achievable also on foot from the hotel along an old cattle track, Val Fondillo ( ) is the more representative valley of the Park, suitable for people of all ages, where you can enjoy a sunny day, carving out a suitable program tailored to your needs:

– Of nature, in the meadows alongside streams and springs, or hiking in the mountains with the chance to meet deer, chamois, bears, wolves, alone or in organized groups with guide.

Of history, visiting the Museum of Forest and Man, which also illustrates the signs of human presence dating back to the eleventh century. B.C..

– Of sports, horse rides for beginners and experts, or practicing the archery

– Of relaxing in the picnic area with games for children and meetings with donkeys, with which to bekame friends

Of culture, participating in summer events aimed at enhancing the culture, history and traditions of the area

A the end,  refresh themselves at the snack bar, with a “sandwich of the Park” or with simple dishes prepared with local products



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Via Salita la Croce
Opi (AQ) , Italy
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